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Nearshore development and DevOps

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The competitive edge your business needs.

We are specialists in software development, adapted to the needs of companies. We combine technological expertise, cloud management tools and quality design to create CRM's, websites, e-commerce, mobile APPs and integrated solutions through APIs for an effective digital environment for your business.

01. Escalabilidade de memória 1 Organizational cost reduction Hiring a specialized service from outside your business is more advantageous and frees up your development teams.
02. Informação centralizada e segura 1 Expert teams improve outcomes Capable and dedicated professionals with the experience and technical know-how to meet the challenges, from planning to project development and management.
03. Informação centralizada e segura 1 Flexible working methodology We adapt ourselves and adjust the methods and tools used together with our partners.
04. Monitorização em tempo real 1 Development effectiveness and scalability Improving your company's system architecture with the support of our technical expertise allows you to identify failures with ease and scale the business sustainably without compromising the performance of your teams.
Garanta maior eficiência operacional e competitividade para o seu negócio
Our teams work, while your business produces.

Development, implementation and monitoring tailored to the needs of each project are a guarantee of competitive advantage for businesses. We work together with our partners so that our teams work as an extension of your business.

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Processos mais eficazes viabilizam soluções a longo prazo 0
More effective processes create long-term solutions and relationships.

We have a common goal: to scale your business. We are attentive to the needs and challenges that arise throughout the process and we closely monitor our partners.

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We do more for your business:

Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 3 Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 4
Business Digitalization We automate your manual business processes for greater efficiency and productivity.
Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 3 Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 4
Systems Integration and Data Security Access relevant information and data quickly and effectively for immediate and secure response capability.
Machine Learning  and Big Data 3 Machine Learning  and Big Data 4
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data We develop models that facilitate the interpretation of large volumes of data.
Mobilidade Digital 2 Mobilidade Digital 3
Digital Mobility We create mobile and web apps that complete our partners' workflow.
Aplicações multimédia 3 Aplicações multimédia 4
Multimedia Applications We develop and implement tailor-made multimedia solutions that bring life to spaces.
Nearshore e DevOps 3 Nearshore e DevOps 4
Nearshore development and DevOps We help our partners to implement and improve technological structures and work processes.

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Nearshore: Business-changing partnerships Technology and digital transformation have an overwhelming force in today's world and are increasingly taking center stage in business strategies as a way to adapt to the new reality we live in.
16 mar 2022
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DevOps: A culture that connects teams The DevOps concept is about bringing different competencies together. That is, the union between people, processes and technology with the main objective of continuously delivering value to customers.
27 abr 2022
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Process Automation: Greater business productivity Process automation consists in eliminating repetitive manual tasks - to a lesser or greater degree - from teams on a daily basis. Therefore, it is the conversion of something existing and performed manually allied to technology as a way to improve, optimize, and make processes free of human error.

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