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Prio, the largest producer of biofuels in Portugal and the third largest European producer of biodiesel - it currently has a network of around 250 filling stations from north to south of the country - has entrusted M&A Digital with the development of Applications and Web Pages. These developments are based on campaigns and challenges proposed by Prio's marketing team and are implemented by our own teams as an extension of our partners, in order to improve their operations and free up the workflow of their development teams.

Composição desenvolvimentos PRIO 1
DaPrioSeiEu - PC Screen galeria 4
DaPrioSeiEu - PC Screen galeria 2
DaPrioSeiEu - PC Screen galeria 3
DaPrioSeiEu - PC Screen galeria 0
DaPrioSeiEu - PC Screen galeria 1
Da prio sei eu - mobile 0
Da prio sei eu - mobile 1
Da prio sei eu - mobile 2
Da prio sei eu - mobile 3

Prio Projects

Movido a Biodiesel

The project Movido a Biodiesel is a Carris initiative in partnership with Prio. It is a marketing action that aims to promote sustainable mobility in Lisbon through the use of B100 biodiesel, made from food oils that transforms any Carris diesel bus in a fossil free transport. The page presents in an interactive way, the benefits of a more sustainable way of life in a journey where the user discovers more about the Carris - Prio partnership and the advantages of biodiesel.

Prio Projects

Prio Top Ideias

Top Ideias is a contest for Prio employees, with the goal of building the company's future from the ideas of those who live and represent Prio daily. We were responsible for designing and implementing a webpage with a simple layout, focused on content, in which we highlight the light transitions and animated iconography that give some dynamics to the page. The goal is to communicate the contest, share testimonials from previous editions in order to encourage, raise the interest of employees and encourage their interaction through this digital space while the brand makes use of technology to strengthen its sustainability policy.

We intend to promote our internal innovation culture to achieve a better, team-built future.

@ Top Ideias 2021 

Prio projects

Prio Jump Start

Similarly to Prio Top Ideias, the website developed for the Prio Jump Start project has a simple layout and animated iconography, oriented to the content and message of the brand. We follow Prio annually in this project, in order to match the strategy of our partners. Prio Jump Start is another Prio action that aims to support startups in the creation of new ideas and concepts regarding innovation in the national energy and mobility sectors.


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