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Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 3 Digitalização de Serviços e Negócios 4
Business Digitalization We automate your manual business processes for greater efficiency and productivity.
Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 3 Integração de Sistemas e Segurança de Informação 4
Systems Integration and Data Security Access relevant information and data quickly and effectively for immediate and secure response capability.
Machine Learning  and Big Data 3 Machine Learning  and Big Data 4
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data We develop models that facilitate the interpretation of large volumes of data.
Mobilidade Digital 2 Mobilidade Digital 3
Digital Mobility We create mobile and web apps that complete our partners' workflow.
Aplicações multimédia 3 Aplicações multimédia 4
Multimedia Applications We develop and implement tailor-made multimedia solutions that bring life to spaces.
Nearshore e DevOps 3 Nearshore e DevOps 4
Nearshore development and DevOps We help our partners to implement and improve technological structures and work processes.
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We are looking for ambitious people to help us overcome challenges.

Development .NET Developer
.NET Developer for the development of large-scale distributed software applications and tools.
Marketing Digital Designer
Development of communication pieces and creation of content appropriate to the communication strategy of the company and its products.
Development Stack Python - Data engineer
Stack Python for acquiring, transforming, and monitoring large volumes of data.
Development Front-End Developer
We are looking for colleagues with aesthetic and visual sensibility to work as a team in order to contribute to solving the challenges we face daily.

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For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You Your Job 0
Digital Transformation: Business with benefits Digital transformation is a process in which companies adopt technology as a way to adapt to current and constantly evolving technology in order to improve team performance, simplify work processes, improve customer experience, increase business impact and market reach.
How Does An Lcd Screen Work 0
DevOps: A culture that connects teams The DevOps concept is about bringing different competencies together. That is, the union between people, processes and technology with the main objective of continuously delivering value to customers.
27 abr 2022
How does this work 0
Internet of Things: Impact on business IoT devices have enabled the production of new sources of revenue for businesses by recording and transferring data to monitor processes, provide new insights, and increase the efficiency of teams to allow companies to make more strategic decisions. 
13 abr 2022

We are looking for ambitious people for challenging projects with the will to grow.

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