Outsourcing: How to optimize the efficiency of teams? 0
Outsourcing: How to optimize the efficiency of teams?

Outsourcing is a practice that consists in hiring specialized teams to provide services and solutions such as IT project management, analysis and specification of software requirements, implementation and management of IT infrastructure and implementation of technological innovations. 

15 mar 2023
Benefícios da cultura DevOps para os negócios 0
Benefits of DevOps culture for business The biggest and most impactful benefit of the DevOps culture is the frequent improvement and high quality of software development. This means not only better performance for the business, but also for their teams.
14 set 2022
How Does An Lcd Screen Work 0
DevOps: A culture that connects teams The DevOps concept is about bringing different competencies together. That is, the union between people, processes and technology with the main objective of continuously delivering value to customers.
27 abr 2022

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